Okto Wallet SDK Docs

Why Okto?

In the fast-paced world of Web3, Okto Wallet is all about applications driving widespread adoption. We focus on crafting user-centric applications, making complex infrastructure invisible to end-users. Developers thrive in Web3 with Okto, as we handle the wallet complexities, allowing them to focus solely on creating top-notch applications without worrying about wallet safety and user trust.

Okto vs Other Wallet SDK's

Point of ComparisonOkto Wallet SDKOther Wallet SDKs
Chain CompatibilitySupports all chains: EVM, Non-EVM, Solana, Aptos and support for Cosmos is Coming SoonLimited compatibility, often specific to certain chains
FunctionalityComprehensive toolkit for tokens, NFTs, and advanced contract interactionsBasic functionalities with limited contract interaction
Application ConsistencySingle SDK for all chains, ensuring uniformity across applicationsDifferent SDKs for different chains, causing inconsistency
InteroperabilityWallet interoperable across multiple applications built on the Okto SDKLimited interoperability, often tied to specific applications
Self Custodial SecurityEnsures self-custodial security for user assetsLack self-custodial features, relying on external custodians
Consistent SDK InterfaceSDK interface remains consistent across different networksVaried SDK interfaces for different networks, leading to confusion

Furthermore, we offer two distinct APIs for your development needs. The Client API is designed for apps interacting directly with users, while the Server to Server (S2S) API handles centralized admin tasks. Okto gives you the flexibility to choose the right API, whether you're building user-focused applications or managing backend operations seamlessly.

Now, you might be wondering which API is right for you. That brings us to the next section.

Which API to use?

Choosing between Client API and S2S API depends on your specific use case. We have a points of comparison to help you decide which API is best for your application.

FeatureClient APIS2S API
User Intended AppDesigned for user-facing applications (dApps)Primarily used for Admin/Superadmin operations
IndependencedApp functions independently of serversExecutes operations across all users centrally
Runtime LogicHandles runtime application logicPerforms admin-related operations on behalf of users
Offline TransactionsLimited capability if user is offlineEnables transactions even when users are offline
Example Use CaseSelling NFT: Requires both parties onlineSelling NFT: Servers can trade off-chain when users are offline
Async Portfolio UpdatesTypically not suitable for async updatesIdeal for receiving asynchronous updates on portfolios

What we recommend?

If you're building a user-focused app and need real-time interaction, go for the Client API. However, if you're dealing with admin tasks, offline transactions, or asynchronous updates, the S2S API is your go-to solution.

How to use the docs?

The docs are split into different sections to help you navigate through the Okto Wallet SDK.

  • Getting Started: This section will guide you through the initial setup and installation of the Okto Wallet SDK.
  • Guide: This section will help you understand the Okto Wallet SDK and its functionalities with detailed examples and use cases.
  • SDK Reference: This section will provide you with detailed information for all the methods present in Okto Wallet SDK.
  • API Reference: This section will provide you with detailed information about the Okto Wallet API, including methods, parameters, and responses.

Supported Networks and Tokens

Wondering if Okto Wallet supports your preferred network or token?
Simple answer: Yes, we do. Okto Wallet supports all tokens and chains, provided you've got the right permissions by whitelisting the network and tokens with Okto Team.


Get in touch with the Okto Team

How whitelisting works

To unlock the full collection of networks and tokens, a simple communication with our team will update the permissions for your API key. But let's not just talk theory; for your sandbox testing needs, we have already whitelisted some key networks with their native tokens.


And as a bonus we have also whitelisted USDT token for all the networks.

Some NFT contracts are also whitelisted for testing purposes.

APTOS_TESTNETLion King 20x4b01180418d49e2fee603c3a009b9b8f27b2f27b4ceb5decbbd52f405586f4ea
APTOS_TESTNETsuper avengers0x171e643e8e8dabc66b838b9055dbdf88647cf6601b164f5987f50a497bedfbe1
APTOSwarner bros0xdb10e401024278608715a80d84d6556370c7676c1b8968cc264ba3c70ec9d027

If you are convinced that Okto Wallet is the right choice for you and ready to get started, Let the coding adventure begin! 🚀